Matcha Yoghurt Bowl




Yoghurt BowlThis isn't really even a recipe because it's such a easy thing to prepare, but it's great nonetheless so deserves a spot here. I make this quite often for breakfast now, but I also add some muesli to make it more filling. At 5:30am, it doesn't always look as good as in the photo above but it still tastes great!  You can mix it with any yoghurt, really, but I like it with the Jalna Greek Yoghurt.


  •     1/2 cup of Greek Yoghurt
  •     1 teaspoon of Mista Matcha Cooking Grade Powder
  •     A sprinkle of flax or chia seeds
  •     A few strawberries or blueberries
  •     A drizzle of honey


  • Add Mista Matcha to yoghurt and mix thoroughly
  • Drizzle honey over top of yoghurt
  • Place berries and sprinkle seeds
  • Enjoy!

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