Change Your Mood with Just One Cup of Matcha

Matcha for mood

Do you find your mood slumping in the afternoon, or maybe that mid-morning grogginess makes you a wee bit cranky towards your co-workers? You, and those around you, don't have to endure such periods throughout the day. With a quick matcha green tea break, your mood can easily turn around after just one cup.

Among matcha's myriad of healthy vitamins and minerals is theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that hosts unique psychoactive properties. No, it won't make you see little green matcha men no matter how much tea you drink, but it is responsible for altering your mood and consciousness after drinking matcha, in a good way.

Research has shown that theanine can help put the brain in an alpha state, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. That relaxing feeling that matcha drinkers enjoy after their cup of tea is thanks to the theanine's calming effect on the central nervous system. Combined with the meditative process that comes with making traditional matcha, just one cup of tea can feel like the equivalent of just having sat in meditation or had a round of tai chi.

However, the mood-boosting benefits of matcha cannot all be put on the shoulders of one amino acid; the tea's natural caffeine helps too. Theanine works as a balancer to the natural caffeine so tea drinkers gain the focus and mental acuity without all the jitteriness that comes with other caffeinated drinks like coffee.

Just one cup of matcha is all it takes to reap the mood-boosting benefits. If you have lulls in your mood throughout the day, contact us to give that first cup of matcha a try.

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