From Tea Ceremonies to Breakfast Tables

 Matcha Bowl

Matcha drinkers: looking for some history on your favourite nourishing beverage? Read on.  

Matcha green tea powder is the oldest type of green tea in Japan.  It originated from China and ended up in Japan way back in the sixth century.  During this time, only priests and noblemen had the privilege of drinking matcha.  Interestingly, they used matcha as medicine.  It does seem surprising that an everyday tea drink was formerly used as medicine, but maybe not so much if you're aware of the health benefits of matcha.  

Since matcha was not readily available to everyday people in Japan, it became a valuable product.  Thus, formal tea ceremonies were established.  As matcha became more popular, tea ceremonies became more frequent in Japan. In theory, Japanese tea ceremonies intend to promote Zen meditation, help to polish personalities, and strengthen morals.  These extensive ceremonies include a plethora of intricate steps, while each step serves an important purpose.  To learn more about these steps, click here.  

The next time you're starting your day with a frothy bowl of matcha, enjoying a refreshing matcha smoothie, or even a matcha muffin, reflect on the deep origins of matcha and how we use it today.  Even though matcha played an important role in ancient Japanese tea ceremonies, it is still used today as a vital attribute to a healthy lifestyle.  Although we may not drink our matcha ceremoniously every day, I'm sure we all appreciate when we can sit, sip, and savour our matcha at our breakfast table.

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