Matcha vs. Coffee: Which Is Better?

Matcha latte

Coffee is beginning to make way for the new kid in town, the matcha latte.  Australians are now reaching for a delicious matcha tea latte in the mornings or afternoons when the mind and body long for time to relax, regroup and focus on being productive.

Matcha comes from Japan, and is a fine green powder that hails from stone ground green tea leaves. People all over Australia are jumping on board the matcha train, and for good reason. Drinking matcha provides the delicious flavour and identical health benefits one would get from eating an actual green tea leaf.

Matcha contains a high concentration of EGCG, which is a phytochemical compound that is known to combat such illnesses as heart disease, cancer and a variety of viruses with its antioxidant power. Not only that, but a matcha latte is delicious, and an awesome, arresting green that looks cool in the cup.

People who would normally choose a coffee latte for its caffeine content are now opting for a matcha latte because matcha offers a more mellow, yet invigorating experience. Caffeine from coffee tends to give drinkers an initial rush, followed by a mid-afternoon crash.  This is caused by spikes in insulin and adrenaline glucose levels in the body. This is what makes one feel jittery, nervous and will sometimes cause hunger pains. A soothing matcha latte works differently.

With a mere quarter of the caffeine found in coffee, a matcha latte offers a gentle, steady surge of energy without coffee's infamous spikes and crashes. Matcha also helps curb the appetite, making it a fabulous treat for people who are concerned about their weight.

Another advantage of a delicious matcha latte over coffee is that matcha knocks coffee breath out of the ballpark. Matcha actually destroys the bacteria that causes plaque, giving it points for contributing to positive dental health care and oral hygiene. A tall matcha latte can not only satisfy without imparting bad breath, it can do so without staining the tooth enamel as coffee does.

If you would care to learn more about why matcha tea is quickly becoming the beverage of choice by discerning Australians, contact us for additional information.

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