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 This is a question I've been asked quite a lot lately, so I thought I'd highlight some of the differences in this short blog post. 

Premium Matcha

Simply put, this is the finest Matcha we have. Our Premium Matcha is made from younger leaves (from the first harvest in late April/May) and is ground exclusively for whisking in hot water and enjoying as a tea. You'll notice its electric green vibrancy and its light, fresh, grassy smell that reminds you of a warm spring day in the park. It has a smooth taste with a hint of natural sweetness and no bitterness. Its delicate flavour is best appreciated without any additives. 

Many people mistakenly think that because Premium Matcha is priced higher, it must be the best Matcha to use for any occasion. This is not the case. While our Premium Matcha is the obvious choice for traditional Matcha tea, its unique flavour profile and pricing make it less suited for other uses. 

Cooking Grade Matcha

Our Cooking Grade Matcha is made from more mature leaves (usually from the June/July harvest), and is specifically blended for your everyday Matcha uses. It is perfect for cooking/baking, Matcha lattes, protein shakes, smoothies, face scrubs and more (see our recipes page for inspiration). This Matcha has more astringent tones and a more assertive flavour profile that stands out among other strong flavours. Our Cooking Grade Matcha is still beautifully green, light and fresh and will blend seamlessly into a variety of ingredients.

Many people mistakenly think that because Cooking Grade Matcha is cheaper than Premium Matcha, it is by default of an inferior quality. This is not the case at all. Cooking Grade Matcha is an entirely different grade of Matcha, and even though the price is lower, the quality is not. 

Always remember, if you find Matcha at a price that's too good to be true, it probably is.


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