Drink Matcha And Your Dentist Will Love You

Matcha powder

Frequent coffee drinkers dread their yearly (or twice-yearly if you’re good) visit to the dentist, and for good reason. You can lie to your dentist all you want, but one look at your teeth and they’ll know exactly what you have (or haven't) been doing in between your visits (flossing, perhaps...), and they are silently judging you - or at least you think they are. However, as anyone with a serious addiction to matcha green tea powder will tell you, their dentist loves them.

The effect that matcha green tea has on teeth stands tall among the drink's many other benefits. While milk may be the go-to drink for strengthening teeth, matcha is one drink that can actually help keep them clean. Matcha green tea powder is notably high in catechins, particularly EGCG. These flavonoids are prized for their antibacterial effects. As the palate-pleasing matcha enters your mouth, the microscopic catechins go to work scrubbing bits of plaque and other plaque-causing germs away from the enamel. Aside from preventing cavities and periodontal disease, because the catechins inhibit the bacteria growth, matcha can actually help freshen breath after meals. While having a cup of matcha after lunch isn't as good as brushing your teeth, it is better than guzzling down a corrosive cup of acidic coffee.

In short, drinking matcha green tea:

  • Cleans teeth
  • Doesn't stain
  • Doesn't have any corrosive acid
  • Freshens breath

This is the perfect recipe for a happy dentist as well as strong, clean, and long-lasting teeth.

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