Beat Your Jet Lag With Matcha

Jet lag

Frequent flyers know that jetlag is an unfortunate certainty. Jet lag is the term used to describe the temporary sleep disorder that is caused by the disruption of the biological clock after your body has traveled quickly through multiple time zones. You wouldn't think it would have any effect, but those who experience jet lag have symptoms that range from feeling dehydrated, drowsy, sluggish, and even physically sick.

Typically it can take several days for your body's natural rhythm to be restored, which is unfortunate because that can line up exactly for your flight home. However, if you want to recover from jet lag faster, look beyond the usual medications that may or may not help. There is something much more natural that can help restore you - matcha green tea powder.

Everyone knows that matcha has slow-release caffeine thanks to its amino acids, which can help give you that alert feeling. However, it is its antioxidants that really go to work to help treat what is ailing you.

When you experience the mental and emotional stress, lack of sleep, and pressured atmosphere in planes, it causes a process called oxidation in the body. This oxidation puts further stress on the body and, in the long-term, can actually linked to some disease. However, under periods of great stress, it can be pretty draining. Antioxidants help prevent this process, meaning that matcha can not only refresh your brain, but it can help conquer stress as a cellular level.

With caffeine, antioxidants, and water for great hydration, matcha combined with a solid night's sleep can help you get over jet lag as soon as you get off the plane.

Using matcha to get over jet lag is no great secret among frequent flyers. Contact us today to learn more about how matcha can be used to enhance your life.

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