Brighten Your Day With Matcha

Matcha Day

There are so many pill, drink, and food articles in the media today promising the next big miracle. It's rare that you actually find something that lives up to its hype. However, there is a reason you keep hearing people talk about Matcha green tea powder. Matcha has many health benefits that can improve your life over time, but it also improves your day-to-day life, starting right now. 

In a chaotic world desperate for calm matcha lends a helping hand. Many people spend time meditating, listening to relaxing music, or doing yoga to find clarity or peace. Matcha can help you become more calm and relaxed just by drinking a cup of tea. And while drinking a hot beverage while reading a good book is often a calming image, matcha goes far beyond those soothing effects. 

Drinking a cup of matcha tea improves your mood and reduces the effects of stress on your body. How? Matcha contains an amino acid called L-Theanine which is proven to stimulate the alpha waves in your brain, helping your body produce dopamine and serotonin. This provides you with a state of relaxed alertness and clarity. 

Other beverages, such as coffee, give you a jolt of energy, but they come with jittery side effects. Matcha gives you the alertness you crave while simultaneously giving you a sense of relaxation. And, while other teas may contain L-Theanine, matcha contains up to five times the amount, so you absorb more of this beneficial amino acid. 

Want to experience all the blissful benefits that await you in a delicious cup of matcha green tea? Contact us today. 

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