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One of the most enjoyable side effects of drinking matcha green tea is the sort of calm focus it provides us. That pleasant effect we feel is really the effect of a component known as L-theanine, which aids in reducing anxiety without sedating the senses. For over 900 years, Zen Buddhist's have been drinking matcha in combination with their meditation practices to heighten their sense of mindfulness, taking full advantage of L-theanine's benefits. More recently modern medicine has praised the green tea for its wide variety of health benefits for both mind and body

There has been plenty of widely published research done regarding matcha's effect to reduce moderate level anxiety, however, another potential mental health benefit is beginning to make headway. This is research in the mental health field, specifically related to depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).  

If the stimulants in teas and coffees are sometimes recommended as a natural remedy to aid in the restlessness and inability to focus that accompanies ADHD, then wouldn't it be incumbent upon researchers to also study the possible effects of L-theanine in matcha and other green teas for its ability to simultaneously calm and focus? If mindfulness techniques and meditation have been proven to reduce the symptoms of ADHD, then wouldn't it make sense that the L-theanine in matcha, which assists in mindfulness meditation, would be constructive in reducing ADHD symptoms as well? Some researchers are beginning to think so! Studies are beginning to show a correlation between green tea consumption and a decrease in restlessness, fidgeting, and lack of focus. 

The results of this research may provide hope for so many parents out there drowning in the world that is their child's ADHD. Not many parents, or even doctors for that matter, want to medicate young minds with highly addictive stimulants. This is where natural remedies may be able to come in to play. We can safely and hopefully effectively treat the symptoms without dependency and the host of side effects that come along with that some medications. Matcha just may be the way to go with this disorder, leading the way in natural remedies for ADHD for the time being. We'll certainly be keeping an eye out in the future!

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