Love Your Insides With Matcha

Matcha Glass

Although often very minor, acidity is one of the most common stomach ailments in the world. A number of different factors can cause acidity in the body, but the most common cause is that some sort of imbalance in the body that causes the stomach to produce too much stomach acid. We need it to digest our food, but too much can take the form of heart burn and wreak havoc on other parts of our digestive system.

Long time coffee drinkers know the struggle with stomach acid. After all, it is one of the most common causes of acidity in the body. Yet, the same drink that can help you kick the coffee habit is also the same one that might help your acid problem - matcha!

Matcha green tea is actually one of the least processed foods in the world. Due to the way it is grown and ground, it is high in healthy chlorophyll that boosts the oxygen supply to tissues. However, in terms of acidity, matcha is also an alkaline food. This means that it can help alkalize the excess stomach acid so you can treat that heart burn naturally.

Because it is alkaline, rather than neutral like milk or calcium, matcha actually works more effectively to handle acid, turning the body's pH level towards a much healthier neutral. Not only can a morning cup of matcha help balance your pH level, but it can also help to flush the toxins out of your cells with its myriad of other benefits.

Matcha green tea powder is not only good for you, but it is good tasting. It is a drink that you can get up each morning looking forward to. Do you want to join the matcha revolution? Contact us today.

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