Matcha and the Flu Fight

Green tea leaves

As Winter ends and makes way for Spring, those pesky cold and flu symptoms can be hard to shake. So, when you feel like you've tried everything to prevent colds in previous years, what's the next step? The answer could be matcha, and it's this year's most popular natural product.

Matcha is an incredible ingredient, with innumerable health benefits attached to its consumption. Think of matcha as an ancient superhero, dedicated to protecting your immune system and body. It has anti-inflammatory polyphenols that can help with arthritis, and can even be used in hand soap as a disinfecting agent. Have allergies? Try matcha for its high catechin content, with higher levels of matcha consumption resulting in suppressed allergic reactions.

Specifically, however, matcha powder can strengthen and improve your immune system, helping your body fight off diseases and infections. Because this powder contains EGCG catechins and theanine, consuming it improves the body's reaction to disease-causing bacteria. The flu virus, in particular, winter's sickness culprit, has an especially low tolerance for the healing properties in matcha powder. Ingesting matcha every day can greatly improve your defense against the cold weather blues.

Matcha powder is this cold and flu season's secret weapon, packing a powerful punch in defending your body from the last bite of the Winter weather woes. Whether you've tried everything or not, if matcha isn't a part of your wellness routine, you're missing out. Get prepared now, with Mista Matcha green tea matcha powder!

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