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The health benefits of matcha green tea powder are lauded for everything from boosting weight loss to preventing plaque build up on your teeth, but this antioxidant-packed super drink can help with so much more.

Have you ever felt a little groggy at certain times of the day? Not so much tired, but your mind feels like it works a little slower and suddenly has trouble recalling simple things. According to a fascinating food science study, matcha green tea can actually help those who imbibe reach the kind of mental clarity that makes the difference between a productive day and just struggling to make it to 5pm.

Matcha green tea powder has recently been the showcase of an experiment at the University of Basel in Switzerland. As matcha is hailed for so many benefits, researchers wanted to see if it can actually boost not only alertness, but also brainpower, as opposed to drinks that are thought to have the same effect.

In the experiment, subjects were provides either one ounce of matcha or a whey protein drink made to taste and look like matcha in a blind tasting. The subjects then had their brain function observed by a magnetic resonance image (MRI) machine as well as asked to partake in activity to test their short-term memory.

The results of the study showed that those who drank the matcha performed leaps and bounds better on the short-term memory tests as well as showed higher brain function in the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. The frontal lobe is responsible for the majority of advanced thinking while the parietal lobe in the back of the brain handles the cognitive understanding of speech. The MRI scans revealed that those who drank matcha had more interaction between the two areas, boosting information recall and the speed of which they processed information.

Certainly these results could be attributed to the caffeine in matcha, but matcha provides less caffeine than coffee yet still imparts more alertness, mental clarity, and focus than coffee, all without the jitters. Clearly there is something else special in matcha than just the caffeine. Read about some other health benefits of matcha here.

While this study shows the link between matcha and mental clarity, don't just take their word for it. Try matcha green tea powder out for yourself! Shop online today and see what Mista Matcha's premium green tea powder can do to boost you to new levels of productivity.

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