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It may be only eating kale and drinking water, or it may be cringing as you gulp down an unholy combination of lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Regardless, everyone who has undergone a cleanse has hated it. Detoxing is unpleasant, but is does provide a clean slate for diets, fitness programs, or just living toxin-free.

But does it have to be such torture?

With its amino acids, abundant nutrients, and antioxidants, matcha green tea powder provides a pretty potent tool for a detox. However, it tastes so good, it can't possibly be a worthwhile, right? Wrong.

Chlorophyll, the Great Detoxifier

As matcha green tea powder uses the whole green tea leaf, ground up and whisked into water, those who drink it get a huge dose of chlorophyll. In nature, chlorophyll allows plants to convert sunlight to energy. However, in humans, chlorophyll is crucial for a thorough detox. The molecule bonds with heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium in the colon and sweeps them out of the body as it is digested. Even for those not on a strict detox, each cup of matcha is like a mini-cleanse in and of itself.

What About the Caffeine?

During a detox, caffeine is generally a big no-no. After all, a low-caffeine of caffeine-free life is something that many people who undertake a detox strive for. While matcha is not without caffeine, the good news is that it has significantly less than coffee, soft drink, and energy drinks. However, unlike all those other caffeinated beverages that deliver caffeine right into the system, the amino acids in matcha allow for a more "timed release" effect. This means that the caffeine is delivered into the blood stream slowly. So in its own way, matcha is a way to help wean yourself off caffeine without all those nasty withdrawal symptoms.

Before you torture yourself for days with that new cleanse or awful tasting detox tea, why not reach for the matcha instead? Contact us today to learn more about our premium quality, matcha green tea powder.

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