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As it turns out, the person on your Christmas shopping list who you think has everything may not actually have, well, everything. So consider gifting your friends and family with something unexpected this year—something that’s good for you yet also luxurious, something that’s exotic yet also familiar and comforting.

Today’s latest beverage-rage is, at the same time, both cutting edge and time-tested; it’s an ancient treasure that’s nevertheless trendy enough for even today’s most elite A-listers. You’re probably thinking a rare, expensive wine you could never afford, or some aged liqueur with a hefty price tag. You’re probably not thinking...matcha!  But yes, this seemingly magical elixir is, put simply, a carefully treated form of premium green tea! So here's a bit more info on using matcha in the festive season!

Harvested—and grown, in its final days—in gradually reduced sunlight, matcha tea retains, even in its coveted powdered form, a distinctive vibrant-green colour—which, throughout its ancient oriental history and even to this day, has seemed to be befitting of kings and queens. So, of course, the naturally vivid hue of this easy-to-mix beverage is sure to impress all of those with royal tastes on your Christmas shopping list this year!

Made using only the tender upper leaves of the green tea plant and then carefully stone ground to a delicate powder, it’s no wonder that, in addition to the beautiful colour, connoisseurs of matcha green tea consider its taste to be of legendary quality as well. When processed with the required care, matcha green tea tastes distinctively,—it can been described as having gentle nuances of several herbs and grasses, as well as, subtly, a variety of green-leaved vegetables and a delicate sweetness.

Time is of the essence in so many ways with this precious tea, in every stage of its processing—as well as how long it sits on the shelf, even after it has been carefully sealed and packaged. A traditional oriental delicacy of royals and monks alike, this tea is, indeed, so highly regarded because it does not have an indefinite shelf life! It’s therefore important to trust your supplier of matcha tea if you want to ensure its all-important freshness.

In other words, because the magic of matcha tea is so timely and fleeting, it’s important that you purchase it only from a supplier who understands its many vulnerabilities—from a supplier who understands that, in fact, this tea’s magic exists largely because of its vulnerabilities.

Give the gift of health this Christmas. Shop online today!

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