Matcha: Vegan Friendly Precious Powder


Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world! And as every vegan knows, finding things to eat and drink can be difficult and frustrating. You see, coffee sometimes just doesn't cut it because of the caffeine, plus the crash that always comes afterward. And if you choose not to drink it, you become pretty limited on what you can drink. But that’s why we love matcha tea powder.

Why is Matcha Great News for Vegans?

Well, as a vegan, you don’t eat meat or dairy. Thankfully, matcha is a plant so that’s not an issue. But unlike many juices that you drink, which are mainly sugar with not many nutrients, matcha's list of health benefits is long. To name a few;

  • Antioxidants

Of course, eating fruits and veggies all the time means vegans get a lot of antioxidants. But they’re so good for you that having them in your matcha tea is great too! Matcha has a concentration of antioxidants up to 137 times what's found in regular green tea. And antioxidants help prevent disease. So why wouldn’t that be a plus?

  • Energy

Unlike black teas and coffee, matcha doesn’t just give you a drug-induced energy boost which ends in a crash a few hours later (or wakes you up at 2 am for an encore performance). Instead, matcha provides clean energy. And because of the amino acid L-Theanine, you also gain improved attention to help you focus on your tasks.

  • Stress-Reducer

The amino acid L-Theanine does more than just help to improve your attention. It also helps you to relax, without making you tired. And it reduces your perception of stress, which helps you relax even more!

We would love for you to tell us about your awesome experience with matcha tea!

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