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For those who take a step back from their hectic daily life in order to join a quiet moment of reflection and a cup of matcha green tea, they are already part of an age-old lifestyle - the Way of the Tea. The Way of the Tea dates back to the days of Japanese tea ceremony where the practice of brewing and drinking matcha was choreographed to a series of intricate meditative movements. However, while the ceremony has its origins in Chinese Zen Buddhism, following the Way of the Tea is less religious and more spiritual, a way for tea drinkers to take a moment to commune with the world around them.

Today, few matcha drinkers enjoy their tea in a Japanese tea ceremony, but instead during daily meditation as way to have a moment of peace. However, even without the tea ceremony hall and the years of training it takes to learn the intricate motions, those who engage in matcha meditation can invite a little bit of tea philosophy into their meditation practices.

Japanese tea philosophy can be explained in four basic concepts:

  • Wa (Harmony)
  • Kei (Respect)
  • Sei (Purity)
  • Jaku (Tranquility)

Each concept is represented in the Japanese tea ceremony, but each concept can also be integrated into your meditation practice.


As there is harmony in nature, there should be harmony in your meditation space. It should be quiet and calming, but will benefit most from a beautiful view of nature.


Just as you must respect all things and their place in the universe, so should you show such respect to yourself. Respect the path that took you here and the people along the way, acknowledging everything that brought you to this moment.


When enjoying your matcha, leave all things behind leaving only your pure self. Slow down and enjoy your time to meditate and enjoy matcha, let it revitalize you inside and out. Acknowledge the health benefits of both meditation and the matcha itself and let it push out the toxins in both your body and mind.


Once the previous three concepts have been embraced, finally you will find tranquility. It should be discovered inside yourself, experienced in full during your time, and embraced throughout the rest of your day. Finding your tranquil centre during your matcha meditation gives you the power to approach all problems throughout your day with a calm and reasonable mind.

Everyone has their own way of meditating that works for them, but what everyone can have in common is the ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder from Mista Matcha. Shop online today and learn how matcha green tea powder can take your meditation to the next level.

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