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Who is Mista Matcha?


Founded in late 2015, Mista Matcha went live after months of research and design, many sleepless nights, some set backs and a LOT of matcha sampling. A trip to Japan earlier that year sparked an interest (which then turned to healthy obsession) into the world of matcha.

Fascinated by the rich and complex history of matcha, its versatility, and its wide array of health benefits, we were eager to continue our matcha learning journey back in Sydney.

Put simply, we struggled to get our hands on quality matcha - the kind of matcha that had captivated us on our trip abroad. We had experienced the best of the best; a brilliant green, ultra fine powder, rich in umami with grassy notes that struck a delicate balance between sweet and savoury. 

We became frustrated as we searched and searched for this prized powder in grocery stores and online. It seemed nothing could compare to the quality we had come to appreciate during our short stay in Japan.

Determined to do our part to create a little matcha movement in Australia, and to establish direct access to matcha for our own delicious benefit, we began the hunt for a manufacturer who would supply internationally. 

Our extensive search led us to a partner with a select few manufacturers in the Nishio, Kyoto and Kagoshima regions, areas renowned for their excellent matcha production.

Our intention was, and still is, to supply Australia with reasonably priced, high quality matcha that we’re proud to put our name behind.

Happy whisking,



Mista Matcha logo explained
Striking a balance between the ancient tradition of the tea ceremony and the modern demand for a versatile, healthy ingredient, our logo resembles the traditional Japanese Chasen (whisk) brought to life as a chef character wearing a chef's hat. 

Design has always been important to us. Creating a familiar, jovial and trustworthy brand was at the centre of our design process. We created several different logos before settling with Mista Matcha. We feel this one best represents us and the brand we are building and highlights the versatility of matcha. 



Committed to starting our own matcha movement, we aim to educate the community through our blog (The Matcha Scoop) by creating relevant engaging content that raises awareness about matcha.

We also share delicious recipes that we try ourselves and spread a ton of matcha love across our social platforms. We love engaging with our matcha community watching it grow. We love hearing stories of how people all over Australia, and the world, have introduced matcha into their day. 

We also love hearing from you! If you've got a matcha experience to share, a great new recipe idea or simply want to say hello, reach out to us anytime!


Ready to learn more? 


Why You Should Be Drinking Matcha

Here's a short explainer video that highlights some of the health benefits of matcha

How to Make the Perfect Matcha

Whisk up and zen out with this handy how-to video

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