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About Our Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Tea leaves

Quality Tea

The indicators of high-quality matcha are colour, smell and taste. The pre-harvest shading of the tea fields forces the leaves to overproduce chlorophyll. This is what gives matcha its bright, vibrant green colour. By comparison, poor quality Matcha will have a dull green or even browny-yellow hue, indicating it could be past its prime, not properly shaded or ground from lower quality tea leaves. Matcha should smell fresh and inviting with a subtle hint of sweetness. Quality Japanese matcha has a complex taste. It has a pleasant savoury flavour (umami) with a slight astringency, followed by a subtle sweetness from the amino acids. It shouldn’t be too bitter, and should leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

Why Mista Matcha?

The production of quality matcha relies largely on the skill and knowledge of Japanese farmers, manufacturers and stone miller carvers. When it comes to quality, we have done our homework. We’ve sampled matcha from different regions, manufacturers and harvests in Japan, and sampled more cups of matcha than we can count. We’ve settled on what we believe to be the finest matcha available in Australia.

The matcha harvest begins in April/May of each year, with the hand picked tea leaves being refined straight away to lock in the nutrients. The Tencha (dried leaves) is refrigerated and only ground in to matcha when we place an order back in Australia.

Furthermore, to ensure we continue to provide the best matcha available, we only order in small quantities, just enough to keep our stock moving. This means more work for us, and the freshest matcha for you.

Lets face it; life's too short to drink bad matcha Japanese green tea.


Sourcing Japanese Produce

Mista Matcha is produced in the Nishio region in the heart of the Aichi prefecture in Japan. The Nishio region is perfect for growing tea leaves due to its favourable climate, fresh water and fertile soil. This helps produce green tea leaves that have more nutrients than those found in any other region of Japan. Our organic matcha is grown in the Kagoshima region, Japan, one of the best areas for organic matcha production.

Your Mista Matcha is grown with love, handpicked, quality tested, packed and distributed from Japan to Australia.


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Tea Cultivation

A lot of hard work goes into making a cup of Mista Matcha. Traditional Japanese methods, dating back centuries, have been combined with modern day technologies to produce the finest, freshest matcha available in Australia.

How to make Matcha


1. Shade Grown Tea Leaves
Specially cultivated plants are grown in gradually reduced sunlight, giving the leaves a fresher, deeper green colour and boosting their chlorophyll and antioxidant levels.

2. Selectively Picked
The younger, greener tea leaves are handpicked by skilled tea farmers and immediately sent to be refined.

3. Steamed and Air-Dried
The leaves are steamed to prevent oxidisation and to keep them fresh before being air-dried at 180 degrees, locking in the nutritional components of the tea.

4. Carefully Sorted by Texture and Taste
Skilled tea sommeliers then sort the leaves by appearance, flavour, aroma and colour. The grade of the leaves will determine how they are used, with only the finest leaves heading for the stone grinder.

5. De-stemmed and De-veined
This immensely time-consuming task ensures only the best parts of the leaf remain. At this stage the tea leaves are known as ‘Tencha’. Tencha is kept refrigerated until it is ready to be ground.

6. Stone Ground to a Fine powder
The Tencha is ground into a fine powder using slow-turning granite grinding wheels (30g per hour). Friction is minimised meaning the tea leaves are not ‘burned’ in the process, allowing the leaves to retain their high level of chlorophyll. The result is a brilliant emerald green matcha powder.

Our matcha is then carefully weighed and packaged on site and then shipped directly to our Mista Matcha headquarters in Sydney, Australia.


Contact Mista Matcha

If you have any questions about matcha Japanese Green Tea in Australia, contact us by filling out our simple online enquiry form.





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